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Videos of ScpiStudio  in action.  Be aware that the current mode of the tracing functions in ScpiStudio are set to perform the tests as rapidly as possible and still allow for visually feeding back information on the trace information as well as the test sequencing.  This mode can be changed to run the test program as fast as possible, but without the trace and sequencing information feedback during production runs.  Note: Open the links in a new page.

Red Pitaya and ScpiStudio: Demonstrating the capabilities of both system working in unison. Discusses the ability to turn ON and OFF the Red Pitaya LEDS.


Red Pitaya and ScpiStudio: Demonstrating the capabilities of both system working in unison.  Discusses the ability to send all PLOT data into the CLOUD (InitialState) for future post processing.

Just Doodl'n: an interesting cartoonish information video of ScpiStudio

Simulation Mode: simulate the fetch sequence of a Rigol DM3058E digital volt meter without the test equipment present.  The test programs high and low limits for the fetch measurement are used to product the random values that are returned during the program run.

TriVectra:: This video shows the ability of ScpiStudio to control Rigol Instruments (Multifunction Signal Generator (DG832)) and an Oscilloscope (DS1054Z), and displays on a Sprectrum Analyzer (DSA705).  This test program runs a number of different Signal Generator operations, measures and data logs the all the waveform parameters displayed on the Oscilloscope, and also reads the waveforms generated and displays the results on the waveform graph of ScpiStudio.

Multiple Measurements: This test program example allows for making multiple measurements on a DVM in a short period of time, simular to a fetch command, and data loging the test results to a SQLite database, and displaying the measurements to the ScpiStudio waveform graph.

Minus-3db And Harmonics:This video will demonstrate ScpiStudio using an arbitrary function generator to stimulate an Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer with a 5mhz Square Wave signal set for 0.200 volts.  The test program will read and data log a number of oscilloscope parameters and then will measure the -3db bandwidth followed by finding the peak of each harmonic wave.

ScpiStudio :  A feature oriented description of ScpiStudio

PrologiX and InitialState: Technical

ScpiStudio/Prologix LinkedIn Video: